Introduction to the Story

A family cursed for generations…

Shadows of a Dark Past is set in the fictional Claysville – a colonial town in Massachusetts, founded in the 17th Century by the wealthy and influential Clayton family. However, some say there is a curse on the family, as not a generation has gone by without horrible tragedy. Time and time again, the family pulls itself up, and time and time again the fates break them back down. It seems an endless cycle. Things have been relatively quiet since 1971, but it is not the tranquility of peace – rather, it feels like the calmĀ before the storm.

When local psychiatrist Mark McCain suspects the arrival of a supernatural presence in Claysville, the rumbles of that storm approach. The evil that seemed to be slumbering now stirs, and the calm begins to break down as the modern Clayton family is once again eclipsed by dark shadows from centuries gone by. Can the curse be overcome, or will the shadows of their dark past consume the Clayton family once and for all?

Immerse yourself in the tale of the ill-fated Clayton family in an original gothic horror drama podcast